RPG Music Tags Database

What is RPGMusicTags.org?

RPGMusicTags.org is a database with music tags for (pen & paper) role-playing games. That means, it stores for different music titles tags which describe the music. Tags are put into categories and can describe e.g. a mood ("romantic", "mournful", ...), a place ("dungeon", "orient", ...) or a situation ("fight", "travel", ...).

How can I use the data?

The easiest way is with an app which downlods the tags for music which you already have on your computer. Currently, such an app is the music- and sound player Ares. In the player, you can then directly select tags which fit to the current situation during the game, and it will play the appropriate music.

To get inspiration, to see what is already in the database or to find fitting music, you can also browse the database online.

From where does the data come?

From people who have assigned tags to music and who have then uploaded the tags into the database.

How can I add music or assign tags?

For this, you need an app (because the music must be identified, see technology). Currently, such an app is the music- and sound player Ares. There, you assign tags to music (which you already have on your computer) and then share them into the database.

Is it possible to write another app which uses the data?

Yes, for this see the API description.