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Derzeit sind 18 Musikstücke in der Datenbasis für den Tag Schwebend.

Drakensang - Soundtrack (Suite Nr. 1)
Castle - Build Phase Afshin Toufighian Dungeon Defenders: OST
Crystal Level: Build Phase Afshin Toufighian Dungeon Defenders: Original Video Game Soundtrack
Air Air Angels & Demons
Ardos Residenz Das schwarze Auge Das schwarze Auge -Drakensang Soundtrack
A Fragile Hope Davutus
And the Trees Began to Dance Davutus
Auf zu neuen Welten Dynamedion Das schwarze Auge - Drakensang
02 - Lost Erdenstern Into the Dark
Mirage Erdenstern Into the Gold
Across The Ice Desert Erdenstern into The White
The White Council (extended version) Howard Shore The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
The Dalish Elves' Encampment Inon Zur Dragon Age: Origins
Honey Jerry Goldsmith The 13th Warrior
The Eyes of the Watcher John Debney The Sims Medieval, Vol. 1 (2011)
...And Eagle Is My Name Mantle Of Dust Lorn (2004)
Leah Russell Brower Diablo III: Collector’s Edition Soundtrack
City of Isabel Vangelis 1492: Conquest of Paradise