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Darren Curtis - To the Horizon
Trine 2 Main Theme Ari Pulkkinen Trine 2 (2011)
Die Capitanya und der Handelsherr DSA-Soundtrack Klar zum Entern
In the Harbour Erdenstern Into the Blue
A Elbereth Gilthoniel Helen Trevillion (2004)
Lost Boston Inon Zur Fallout 4
Still Standing Inon Zur Fallout 4
The Warlord Inon Zur Fallout 4
Wandering - The Coast, Pt. 2 Inon Zur Fallout 4
Bloody Blades Jeremy Soule Oblivion
Under an Ancient Sun Jeremy Soule Skyrim_selection
Far Horizons Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Unbound Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Elven Song Logan Epic Canto Legends Of Camelot
The Northern Route Logan Epic Canto Legends Of Camelot
Flight of the Dragon Logan Epic Canto The Kingdom of Fantasy
...And Eagle Is My Name Mantle Of Dust Lorn (2004)
A New Hope Olivier Renouard (Butterfly Tea) Drama - Emotion
Queen of the Stars Pal Zoltan Illes Symphonic Tales of the Silmarilli
Am Hafen Ralf Kurtsiefer Musica Myrana
Malkuth Rober Heinbokel
La route de magellan Roger Stéphane Symphoniquement votre
Legionnaire Scott Buckley
A Call to Arms Sean Beeson (2007)
Final Epic Battle Telaron
Emotional Theme Wladimir Kucin (Blue Giraffe)
Destined to Rise World Beyond Becoming a Titan